Jade Alicandro Mace is a Community Herbalist, educator, medicine-maker, permaculturalist and herb-grower. As a practitioner she enjoys acting as a resource and guide in her client’s journeys towards whole health.  She believes strongly in the importance of weaving traditional herbal medicine into our everyday lives and emphasizes the importance of good nutrition, kitchen medicine and the use of locally abundant herbs.  Herbal medicine has been called “the people’s medicine” and she believes there is a deep cultural healing that occurs when folks connect personally with their medicine- be it harvesting and drying their own herbs, incorporating herbs into their cooking routines, or even brewing a simple cup of tea.

Traditional herbal medicine is the primary form of healthcare for at least 80% of the world’s population, and a herbal resurgence is currently sweeping our country, in convergence with the growth of farmers markets, local food systems, and an overall movement towards community resilience.  Jade helps her clients connect with their herbal roots (we all have them!) and this larger shift towards home-based, grassroots herbal healthcare.  


"Dear Jade, I was Just thinking of the year in review

and realizing I very much want to thank you again for

the herbal treatment you gave to my husband.  We

really went from not knowing if on any given night

hours of sleep would be lost, to simply never having to

be woken to panic attacks.  Of course, since we are

married, you helped me almost as much as you helped

him! If I had helped someone that much just once in

my life I would be so full of well being!  I hope I can

help explain to others the value of your work.  I only

hoped for some relief, and never would have guessed

the problem would be solved that had affected us for

so many years and had recently gotten so much

worse.  I feel that a terrible problem that everyone

seemed to dismiss as merely psychological, you showed

to be physical in nature.  You are very good at what

you do."   Love, B.K..


Jade has completed a 2 year training in Clinical Herbalism at Clearpath School of Herbal Studies, and is also a graduate of Blazing Star Herbal School, The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education, the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, FEAST Permaculture Design Certification, and the Goldthread Apothecary Clinical Herbalism 200 hr Training.  She holds a B.S. in Plant Biology and a B.S in Wildlife Conservation from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Herbal Consultation
By Appt

~Held at Blue Dragon Apothecary~
  First-time Consultation:
      1 1/2 hrs...............sliding scale $75-$125           Follow-up Sessions:
½-1 hr………….$50-$75


Community Herbal Clinic

I believe that access to affordable, wholistic healthcare is a right, not a privilege.  At the Greenfield Community Herbal Clinic I strive to offer my services at a rate that is accessible to all. Please pay whatever is comfortable for you on the scale.  Folks who are able to pay on the high end of the scale help subsidize those who cannot, and together we create a mutually supported community of healing.

First-time appointments are a hour to an hour and a half
Follow-ups are 45 minutes to an hour

Greenfield Community Herbal Clinic
Fridays 12-7 pm
Sliding Scale Herbal Consultations $35-$75
Drop-ins Welcome, Appts Encouraged

Blue Dragon Apothecary
158 Main St Ste 10 (Above World Eye Books)
Greenfield, MA


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~"The other side of any problem, no matter how big or small, is the opportunity to ally with it as a vehicle for your own evolution."- Robin Rose Bennet, Wise Woman Herbalist~

What is an Herbal Consultation?
An herbal consultation is an opportunity to sit down in a relaxed and supportive environment and have an in-depth conversation about your health concerns.  Herbalism is
a wholistic practice, and clients receive their own personalized “Treatment Plan.”   This includes food-based “kitchen medicine” and nutritional therapies, lifestyle suggestions such as specific exercise and relaxation techniques, and- of course- herbal recommendations.  You’ll leave with your own personalized herbal formula (often a tea or tincture) and specific instructions on dosage and use. A follow-up visit 3-4 weeks after the initial consult is often recommended. 

Health concerns commonly addressed include anxiety, stress, depression, anger, frustration, insomnia, trauma, pain, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, menstrual irregularity and issues, low immunity, colds, flus, coughs, infections, respiratory conditions, digestive issues, skin problems, heart and circulatory conditions, and more.

 Is herbal medicine right for you?
Yes! Whether you are blessed with good health and would like to help keep it that way, or are struggling with long-term health issues- herbal medicine can help.  I love working with all people, regardless of their age, race, gender, sexual orientation or otherwise!  As a mother, I also have lots of experience treating children and supporting women through their pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood journeys.  

"At 67 years of age and otherwise in great health, I had been bothered for several years with sudden, short-lived bouts of runny nose and violent coughing, many times a day.  Western medicine was unable to find a cause or a cure, so at my daughter's urging I sought advice from Jade Alicandro at Blue Dragon Apothecary.  Her tincture quickly reduced the number of daily episodes and, at her suggestion, I then tried reducing the amount of dairy in my diet.  (I had been a big milk drinker all my life.)  Wow!  What a change!  I'm now virtually symptom-free, happily drink Silk instead of milk, and still enjoy dairy products in moderate amounts.  Jade is a healer.  She knows what she's doing, and she has a lovely, nonjudgmental way about her."
- Wendy S.

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