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Planting the Summer Herb Garden
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Planting the Summer Herb Garden

Aromatherapy for Vitality

Using Local Herbs for Optimal Health

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Jade Alicandro Mace is a Community Herbalist grounded in the Wise Woman Tradition of herbalism.  Her training also includes the principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurveda, as well as Traditional Western Herbalism.  She believes that herbal medicine truly is the "people's medicine" and that this knowledge belongs to everyone. Her focus is on self and community empowerment through the vehicle of teaching accessible, grassroots folk herbalism throughout the Pioneer Valley and beyond.  She offers herbwalks (personalized on your land if desired), workshops, and private herbal consultations on a sliding scale basis.

An herbal consultation involves a conversation about you and your health concerns.  Initial consultations are typically an hour to hour and a half and include an in-depth discussion about your  health history, diet, your current health concerns, and tongue and pulse diagnosis (from the TCM Tradition).  A 2 week follow-up is also included in the cost of the initial consultation.  Recommendations will come in the form of dietary and (in some cases) nutritional supplement guidelines, lifestyle recommendations and a customized herbal formula and protocol.  Through a personalized  and constitutional approach Jade will develop an herbal protocol which is right for you. She loves working with all people, regardless of their age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.  As a mother, she also has lots of experience treating children and enjoys this thoroughly! Full confidentiality is ensured.

Her formulas are hand crafted and always include either organic or ethically wildcrafted herbs.  Jade grows many of these herbs herself in the Ripplemead Farm gardens or wildcrafts them responsibly from local field and forest.  Formulations may come in many forms depending on client preference, including teas, tinctures, elixers, herbal honeys and herbal ghees.