Education is at the heart of my herbal philosophy.  Herbal medicine has been called the people’s medicine, and part of my mission is to connect people with their herbal roots, since we all have them! 


Winter Class Series

Class meets 1 sunday/month, 10am-4pm.

Sun 1/18
Sun 2/8
Sun 3/8

This 3 class series will explore the rich subject of Kitchen Medicine- demystifying herbalism and bringing it back into the home.  Learn the medicinal uses of the culinary herbs, food energetics and how to get the most nutritionally from your food, eating and harmonizing with the seasons, medicine-making, and more!




A course in bioregional herbalism

Class meets 1 sunday/month, 10am-4pm

Spring Session:

Summer Session:

Fall Session:

This series is designed for the student who wants to dive-in and get to know the local plants up close and personal.  Folks will learn how to confidently identify plants in the field, how to harvest and make medicine with them and learn their complete medicinal profile. Learn herbal ecology and develop a bioregional materia medica. More info {HERE}

    Classes + Events


At a glance...  
    1/11-Kitchen Medicine
    1/19- Winter Tree Medicine

    2/8-Using Local Herbs for Strong
            Winter Immunity   

      3/18- Classic Spring Herbal Tonics

      FROM THE ROOTS UP- Spring Session begins April 13th! {details}

      5/5- Wild & Wonderful Weeds (meets 4 Mondays starting May 5th)
      5/31- Spring Plant Swap

      6/7- Herbstalk Conference: Traditional Herbal Medicines
      6/21-Summer Solstice Plant Walk

7/4-7/6- Northeast Permaculture Convergence: Herbal Medicine-Making: Tinctures, Honeys, Oils & Vinegars

      8/8-8/10-NOFA Summer Conference
             Pre-Conference Intensive- Bioregional Herbalism: Stocking the Home Apothecary with Locally Abundant Herbs
             Workshop 1- 10 Culinary Herbs: Cultivation& Medicinal Use
             Workshop 2- Medicinal Weed Walk

      9/7-Harmonizing With the Seasons
      FROM THE ROOTS UP- Fall Session begins Sept 14th! {details}

      10/11- Radherb Convergence: Elements of a Successful Herbal Workshop
      10/19- The Winter Herbal Medicine Cabinet

      11/9- The Suppressed History of Herbalism in America     
      11/19- The Winter Herbal Medicine Cabinet for Kids

       12/7- Building Deep Immunity with Herbs
       12/8- The Herbal D.I.Y. Spa
       12/13- Yoga & Herbs Convergence- Panel Discussion

2015 Schedule    

      1/10- NOFA Winter Conference: Winter Tree Medicine 
      1/17- Northampton Winterfare. Workshop TBA   
      1/18- SPICE RACK MEDICINE Winter Class Series begins

      2/21- Greenfield Winterfare. Workshop TBA
      2/22- Herbal Medicine-Making for Community Resilience

      4/15- Growing the Home Medicine Garden
      4/26  FROM THE ROOTS UP Spring Session begins.

      FROM THE ROOTS UP Summer Session begins.

FROM THE ROOTS UP Fall Session begins.

~More to come....check back as we add classes and walks later in the year or join our mailing list for the latest news!~


"It was a wonderful

Winter Tree Medicine

class.  Thank  you Jade! 

Your knowledge and

teaching style put me at

ease in the process of

learning together with a

room full of interested

and curious students."- K.D.

~Medicinal and Edible Plant Walks~
Plant walks focusing on edible and medicinal plants are offered throughout the year at various locales throughout the valley.  We discuss medicinal and culinary uses of the many useful plants we find along the way, as well as medicinal preparations, easy plant ID tips and basic botany, and wild-crafting techniques.  Private walks on folks’ land can be arranged as well, please email for details!



Workshops are held throughout the year at local farms, apothecaries, local events, permaculture design certifications, and conferences.  Check  “Upcoming Classes” to see what’s coming up.   Please be in touch if you’d like to have a workshop offered in your community or if you’d like to sign up for a class!

Internships are available and can be structured to meet student's individual needs.  Students within the 5-College System (Amherst College, Hampshire College, Smith College, Mt Holyoke & UMASS, Amherst)
can earn credits by participating.  Please be in touch if you are interested!  Our Medicinal Plant Culivation Internship starts in April.

Some Workshops include...
  • The Winter Herbal Medicine Cabinet

  • An Herbal Solstice: Herbs to Bring In the Light

  • Classic Spring Tonics

  • Planting the Summer Herb Garden

  • Herbal Medicine-Making for Community Resilience
  • Kitchen Medicine
  • Using Local Herbs for Optimal Health

  • Spice Rack Medicine

  • Herbal Support for Vibrant Pregnancy & Postpartum
  • Wild Spring Edibles
  • Medicinal Plant Propagation
  • Reading the Herbal Landscape
  • Introduction to Wildcrafting
  • Wildcrafting Intensives
  • Winter Tree Medicine

            Medicine-Making Series:          

  • Herbal Medicine-Making 101
  • Crafting Original Herbal Teas  
  • Crafting Original Herbal Honeys, Elixers and Syrups
  • Crafting Original Herbal Tonics
  • Making Herbal Vinegars & Infused Oils 
  • The Herbal D.I.Y Spa
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