Energy Healing Apprenticeship :: Fall 2011
“5 Element Energy Healing”

Year one – this is more than an introductory course in energy healing. It is perfect for beginners as well as the intermediate student. Here we will explore the ancient art of energy healing in a group setting which is uplifting and supportive. Students will stay together for a full year as we grow and evolve together.

We will meet together as a group for seven Saturdays throughout the year; we will also meet once virtually as a class, honoring the passage of the year and the change of the seasons. There will also be additional ongoing support through correspondence via telephone, email, and social networking.

While this course is in-depth and ongoing, it is our intention that it be a very part-part time experience which enhances but doesn’t interfere with the participants daily routine.

Weekend one – October 2012
Introduction to the apprenticeship
Earth element

Weekend two – December
Water element

Weekend three – February 2013

Weekend four – March

Space-Wood element

Weekend five – April

Weekend six - June

Fire element

Weekend seven – July
(virtual get-together)

Weekend eight – September 2012

Air-Metal element

October 2013 - Graduation Party